When Did The East India Company End?

When did the Government of East India Company came to an end? 1873 The company’s commercial monopoly was broken in 1813, and from 1834 it was merely a managing agency for the British government of India. It lost that role after the Indian Mutiny (1857). This article is about the rule of the East India […]

What To Wear In India Men?

Traditional clothing. For men, traditional clothes are the Achkan/Sherwani, Bandhgala, Lungi, Kurta, Angarkha, Jama, Shalwar Kameez and Dhoti or Pajama. Additionally, recently western clothing such as trousers and shirts have been accepted as traditional Indian dress by the Government of India. What clothing do men wear in India? Indian Men‘s Wear Kurta-Pyjama/Churidar. Along the same […]

Volkswagen Jetta India Price?

Versions Last Recorded Price Specifications Trendline TSI ₹ 14.78 Lakh 1390 cc, Petrol, Manual, 14.69 kmpl Trendline TDI ₹ 15.95 Lakh 1968 cc, Diesel, Manual, 19.33 kmpl Comfortline TSI ₹ 16.33 Lakh 1390 cc, Petrol, Manual, 14.69 kmpl Comfortline TDI ₹ 17.99 Lakh 1968 cc, Diesel, Manual, 19.33 kmpl Nog 2 rijen Volkswagen Jetta, a […]

Verizon Phone In India?

Verizon Wireless toll free numbers to reach international support from a landline phone COUNTRY TOLL FREE NUMBER American Samoa 844-556-1352 Anguilla 011 800-50050099 India 0008009190000 Indonesia 007-803-011-4627 Ireland 00 800-50050099 Israel Barak Netvision 013 800-50050099 Can I use my Verizon phone in India? You will be able to use your phone only if it is […]

Taltz Price In India?

What does Taltz cost? About 64% of Taltz prescriptions cost between $0 and $25 per month, and the remaining cost an average of $507 per month. What you pay for Taltz will depend on your insurance plan. Each plan has different preferred drug lists and out-of-pocket amounts, and most include an annual deductible. Can Taltz […]