Blue dart india?

Is Blue Dart working in India?

Blue Dart Express Limited- India’s Most Innovative and Awarded Express logistics company.

How do I schedule a pickup with Blue Dart?

For availing this service, customers will have to log on to www. bluedart .com ” Schedule a pickup ” would appear as one of the Registered user services. The pickup needs to be registered 2 hours prior to the scheduled pickup time.

How do I contact Blue Dart delivery?

1860 233 1234 Sign in BLUE DART ACCOUNT Login ID Password Sign In Forgot Password Get login ID Apply for Credit Account 1860 233 1234 . Sign in. BLUE DART ACCOUNT. Login ID. Password. Sign In. Forgot Password. Get login ID. Apply for Credit Account.

How long does Bluedart take to deliver?

How long does Bluedart couriers take to deliver ? It depends on the delivery service you chose. As a ballpark, around 2-3 days between major cities. You can use the transit time finder tool on their website for more accurate estimation.

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Can I collect my parcel from Blue Dart office?

Can I pick my courier from Blue Dart Office ? Yes, you are allowed for a self pick up from the counter but make sure you call up the customer care executive in advance and intimate them with your request.

Is Bluedart fast?

At Blue Dart , we understand the value of your time. Our Domestic Priority services are specially designed to offer time-critical businesses a competitive edge with the fastest delivery services.

Does Bluedart deliver Sunday?

Most of the courier services do not deliver the parcels on Sundays . However, Blue Dart delivers the packages on Weekends. It all depends on the type of service you have chosen. If you want your courier to be delivered on weekends also, you should select the premium service.

Which courier is fast in India?

DHL is undoubtedly one of the best courier partners in the country. You can use DHL to not just ship in India but also to 220 countries in the world. DHL offers one of the fastest parcel delivery services. However, for domestic shipments, DHL operates under the brand BlueDart .

What is the cost of 1 kg to parcel in India?

It will charge ₹ 8 to ₹ 20 for additional 500 gram up to 5 kg and ₹ 10 to ₹ 22 for every additional 500 gm thereafter. For business parcels , customers will have to pay in the range of ₹ 45 to ₹ 115 for items weighing up to 2 kg , ₹ 12 to ₹ 30 for additional 1 kg up to 5 kg and ₹ 14 to ₹ 32 thereafter for every 1 kg .

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Does Bluedart deliver laptop?

First choice should be Bluedart if cost is not the concern… for laptop from delhi to chennai, go ahead with dhl, it costs more but your product will be safely delivered on time with out any damages.

Which is better Dtdc or Bluedart?

Major eCommerce companies prefer Bluedart to DTDC for sending their products. Blue Dart has earned the trust of customers and it also backed up by the DHL group. It has invested in various technologies and is providing different types of tracking APIs to the customers.

Will Bluedart deliver on Saturday?

Blue Dart works Monday to Saturday , 8am to 8 pm. But if you do insist on delivering on Sundays and are willing to pay more, yes, they can do it for you! Blue Dart operates on sundays in festive seasons especially during the Diwali season. Generally Blue Dart operates on sundays during November to January.

Is DHL and Bluedart same?

While Blue Dart is the leader of the air express industry in India, DHL Express is the No.1 international air express services provider in India offering its customers the entire spectrum of express services from international air express to high-end logistics solutions including repair and return, strategic inventory

How much does it cost for a courier?

What do your competitors charge? Call the courier and delivery services in your area to check their rates. If there are several, use an average to determine a competitive rate. For example, if there are 3 competing courier services in your area charging $16, $20 and $22 for the same delivery, the average is $19.33.