Often asked: The Country Located Immediately Northwest Of India Is?

  • Country located immediately northwest of India. Pakistan. The basalt plateau that extends across most of southern India. Deccan plateau.

Which country is immediately NorthWest of India?

India is located on the Indian sub-continent in South Asia. It is bound by Pakistan to the northwest, China, Bhutan and Nepal to the north, Myanmar and Bangladesh to the east, the Bay of Bengal to the southeast and the Arabian Sea to the southwest.

Which country is located immediately north of the United States?

Canada is north of the United States.

Which of the following is located the core area of Pakistan?

The Indus River Valley and the Punjab are the dominant core areas where most of the people live and where population densities are remarkably high. The two core areas of Pakistan are the Punjab and the Indus River Valley.

Which of the following countries does not share a common border with Pakistan?


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Question Answer
Which of the following countries does not share a common border with Pakistan? Bangladesh
Which of the following is the core area of Pakistan Punjab
The irredentist movement in the NorthWest frontier of Pakistan is based on cultural affiliations with the neighboring country of Afghanistan

Which is the oldest country in South Asia?

Nepal is the oldest sovereign country of South Asia.

Why is South Asia so poor?

According to Canuto (2013), higher poverty rates and the large share of the poor in South Asia are driven mainly by region-wide political unrest. In fact, political tension and civil wars are common in most South Asian countries, meaning such turmoil reduces the effectiveness of a country’s anti-poverty policies.

Which of the following is not a country in South Asia?

Modern definitions of South Asia are consistent in including Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives as the constituent countries. Afghanistan is, however, considered by some to be a part of Central Asia, Western Asia, or the Middle East.

Is Bangladesh in Pakistan or India?

After the partition of the British India in 1947, Bangladesh was integrated in Pakistan. It was known as East Bengal until 1955 and thereafter as East-Pakistan following the implementation of the One Unit program.

In which part of Asia is India?

India. India is the largest country of South Asia and the seventh-largest country in the world by area.

Why Pakistan is important geographically?

Being the gateway to Central Asia and a suitable route of access of World Powers into land-locked Afghanistan, the geography of Pakistan suffered from the side effects of the ‘New Great Game’ and the ‘Global War on Terrorism’.

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Which country share the longest border with Pakistan?

Geography of Pakistan

Continent Asia
Borders Total: 7,307 km (4,540.4 mi) Afghanistan: 2,670 km (1,659.1 mi) China: 559 km (347.3 mi) India: 3,320 km (2,063.0 mi) Iran: 959 km (595.9 mi)
Highest point K2 8,611 m (28,251 ft)
Lowest point Arabian Sea 0 m (0.0 ft)
Longest river Indus River

How much of Pakistan is desert?

The total area of Pakistan is 79.6 million hectares, of which 70 percent is arid to semi- arid. About 50.88 million ha (or 63.9 percent) are rangelands3 and only 22 million ha (or 27.6 percent) are cultivated lands. The ecologies of NWFP and Northern Areas range from semi- arid to humid.

How many borders are there between India and Pakistan?

Let us tell you that the IndiaPakistan border can be seen from space at night because India has installed around 1, 50,000 flood lights on around 50,000 poles.

Shikha Goyal.

State Total Length (in Km)
Gujarat 506 Km
Punjab 425 Km
TOTAL 3,323 Km