Quick Answer: Oman Currency Rate In India Today?

What is the value of 100 Oman Baisa in Indian rupees?

100 Omani Baisa to Indian Rupee

Current Rate 18.8303 INR
Bid Price 18.8305 INR
Ask Price 18.8305 INR
Open Price 18.8303 INR

What is the rate of 100 Omani Baisa?

100 Baisa is the equivalent of 0.1 Rial.

When was 1 dollar is equal to 1 rupee?

On 15th August 1947 the exchange rate between Indian rupee and US Dollar was equal to one (i.e., 1 $= 1 Indian Rupee).

What is value of 100 Baisa Oman in Pakistan?

100 Omani Baisa to Pakistani Rupee

Current Rate 40.5479 PKR
Bid Price 40.5504 PKR
Ask Price 40.5463 PKR
Open Price 40.4176 PKR

How many Baisa are in a rial?

Both coins were denominated in Baisa, with a rate of 200 Baisa = 1 Rial. The Saudi Riyal became the official currency of Oman in 1970. The Saudi Riyal was equivalent to the British Pound and replaced the Gulf Rupee at a rate of 21 Rupees = 1 Rial.

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Which country uses Baisa?

Omani rial
Freq. used 5, 10, 25, 50 baisa
User(s) Oman

What is the meaning of 100 Baisa?

Baisa is a subunit of Omani Riyal where every Omani Riyal equals 1000 baisa. So, 100 baisa = 18.82 Indian Rupees.

Which Indian currency has highest value?

1. Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)- Highest Currency Value in the World

Sr.No. Highest Currency in the World In INR (in Dec 2020)
4 Jordanian Dinar 103.72 INR
3 Omani Rial 191.25 INR
2 Bahraini Dinar 195.32 INR
1 Kuwaiti Dinar 241.43 INR

How much is $1 US in India?

US dollars to Indian rupees conversion table

amount convert Result
1 USD USD 72.44 INR
2 USD USD 144.88 INR
3 USD USD 217.33 INR
4 USD USD 289.77 INR

Why is INR so weak?

In nutshell, global demand of USD has been on rise since last several decades. There was a steep surge in demand for USD after 2008 financial crisis, 2010 Greece debt crisis, and 2016 Brexit Referendum. Hence, it is not a surprise that in last 10 years INR has become so weak compared to USD.

Will rupee get stronger in 2020?

New Delhi: Fitch Solutions on Tuesday revised down its forecast for the Indian rupee, saying the currency will average 77 per US dollar in 2020 and 80 in 2021 amid ongoing global risk-off sentiment and likely steep monetary easing.

Is Japan cheaper than India?

India is 68.9% cheaper than Japan.

Which country has lowest currency than India?

10 Countries With Lower Currency Value Than the Indian Rupee for Every Budget Traveler

  • Nepal.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Cambodia.
  • Bolivia.
  • Indonesia.
  • Mongolia.
  • Vietnam.
  • Laos.
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Which country money value is highest?

Kuwaiti dinar

You will receive just 0.30 Kuwait dinar after exchanging 1 US dollar, making the Kuwaiti dinar the world’s highest-valued currency unit per face value, or simply ‘the world’s strongest currency’.